CsoundForLive is a suite of audio plugins that combines the real time performance capabilities of Ableton Live, the stable and customizable interface design of Max/MSP (through Max For Live), and the synthesis power of Csound.

It was created with one goal always in mind: Help spread the use and understanding of Csound by creating plugins that are intuitive, powerful, and accessible to both Csound experts and those who have never run a CSD.

If you fall into the latter category – no knowledge of Csound is necessary to use this collection – but every effort has been taken to help you learn. By clicking on the nameplate for each plugin you will launch an [about] panel that includes a short description of the synthesis taking place, a list of the opcodes that are doing most of the work (that can be clicked on to take you to their Csound Manual entry), and a rich list of resources to help you grow as a Csounder and become involved in the community.