BeatSketch is a four voice drum synthesizer. You have the power to design a Kick, Snare, Hat, and Tone voice – making up a minimalist drum set. The MIDI notes C3, D3, E3, and F3, are mapped to these drum voices respectively.

On the right, there is a randomization system, which uses a interpolated gaussian distribution as a modulation signal. Every element (except for volume and panning) of each of the voices is modulated by this signal when attenuated in. Experiment with attenuation amounts to get the most natural or unexpected sound.


Rory Walsh blew us away when he introduced his TrackerSplice UDO (User Defined Opcode) on the Csound Mailing List and we had to adapt it for real time control. This plugin fills a buffer with your audio then will stutter it back to you with MIDI-mappable tempo synced control. If that wasn’t enough, Walsh threw in the ability to play the buffer backwards for real time “reversal” of any Live stream.


Iain McCurdy is the king of Playable Csound instruments, and this synth is an adaptation of one of our favorites. Using additive synthesis, 10 harmonic partials are created, and by simply turning a knob you can alter the spacing between them. This allows you to transition between perfectly tonal textures to wild effects that any sound designer will go crazy over.