Metallics is a 4-operator Phase-Modulation (PM) synth.In a way, PM is related to Frequency Modulation (FM), but the difference is that whereas in FM the frequency of the carrier is modulated to produce harmonic and inharmonic “sidebands”, in Phase Modulation, the sidebands are the result of modulating the Phase of the “carrier”.

Like Yamaha’s classic Tx81z 4-operator FM synthesizer, Metallics also features four “operators” that can use a variety of waveforms as their starting “spectrum” and thus produce much more dramatic, complex, and interesting resulting spectra.

These four operators can be configured into many unique modulator-carrier arrangements and each features an independent LFO,ADSR.These “algorithms” mix to a choice from a bank of complex classic filters and resonators which can be controlled and automated using an onscreen XY control or MIDI.

To round out the instrument, there is a multi-effects section featuring delay, chorus, phaser,flanger, and comb-resonator, plus an independent reverb too!

Many sections of the instrument feature “global-random” buttons that produce a wide range of complex textures and futuristic timbres. Infinitely rich. Infinitely beautiful.

Metallics is “heavy.”